At the core of EPAS are several "modules" that contain the different sets of data and potentially interact seamlessly with other modules. Each of the modules listed below has basic view, add, edit, and delete operations associated with it, while some contain additional features.

Detailed Roster Control

Easily add, edit, or remove explorers from your roster with many data fields to contain any information the post may need. Contact information, status, school and work locations, and emergency contact information are just a few of the fields on hand.

Full Event Management

In addition to simply creating events, EPAS allows you to create shifts for the explorers to cover and even assign these shifts or allow explorers to sign up for shifts that work for their schedule. Afterwords, recording attendance and volunteer hours is a snap.

Easy Inventory Command

Monitor the status of all post equipment in one place, including item condition, whether it is checked in or out, and who it is checked out to.

Dynamic Reporting

EPAS has many different reporting options based on user, event, inventory, or department information to collect data and present an overview of information. Generated PDFs are openable on most platforms and can be downloaded or printed to be used for other purposes.